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The Tax Treatment of Relocation Expenses

Transferring staff?  There are tax implications for them … and for you! If your business has branches in different locations, one of the best ways of offering key staff opportunities for career growth is to allow them to relocate. Relocating an existing staff member who has come to know and understand your systems, procedures, and […]

Compensation for Losses: Which ‘Hole’ is Filled?

Many taxpayers assume that compensation for losses is of a capital nature. It depends… There are no hard and fast rules for determining whether a particular gain is of a capital or a revenue nature. Each case needs to be decided on its own facts. The distinction is important because of the lower effective rate […]

Beware of Tax-Related Scams

Over the past five years, the SAFPS has seen a steady increase in the number of tax-related scams. Improved efficiency To improve efficiency when it comes to processing tax returns, and to encourage individuals and businesses to file their tax returns timeously, SARS launched its eFiling service in 2000. This allows taxpayers to file their […]

Home office expenditure

Taxpayers who are salaried employees have limited deductions available to them. However, home office expenditure can be claimed as an income tax deduction, but the onus is on the taxpayer to prove that the expenses are in fact deductible.   For employment to constitute a “trade” and to qualify to deduct home office expenditure, the […]

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