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Understanding the Foreign Services Income Exemption: The Requirement for Service Rendering

Many articles have been written about the application of the foreign income exemption provided for under Section 10(1)(o)(ii) of the Income Tax Act. This section provides for an exemption from South African tax from specific employment income earned while rendering services outside South Africa. The section limits such income qualifying for the exemption to any […]

Why Should You Hire an Accountant?

When business owners work on growing their companies, budget constraints often push them towards a do-it-yourself approach to managing their finances. Many see hiring a professional for bookkeeping or accounting as an unnecessary expense. However, this viewpoint fails to recognise the tangible advantages that an accountant can offer. It’s important to reframe this decision, not […]

Pension Funds and Emigration

Investing in an offshore retirement fund is one way of growing your wealth in a stable economy over the longer term, or even gaining residency in a foreign country. However, for South Africans, this scenario presents as many challenges as it does opportunities, and should only be considered after consulting with a financial advisor and […]

Build Your Emergency Safety Net Fund Today

Ask any trapeze artist, and they’ll tell you that a safety net is a non-negotiable part of flying high. While few of us are circus performers, an emergency savings fund is still one of the most important requirements for our peace of mind and financial stability. Life has a way of throwing curveballs.  Whether it’s […]

What to Do if You Owe SARS Money

Owing money to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) can be stressful, but don’t panic. By understanding your options and taking prompt action, you can resolve the issue and minimise the impact. This guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate a tax debt situation. The importance of addressing tax debt Take […]

Maximising Wealth, Minimising Tax

A comparative look at retirement annuities versus tax-free savings accounts. When it comes to personal finance, every individual has different needs, dreams and financial goals, as well as different pathways to achieving those objectives. One of the most common long-term ambitions shared by many South Africans is to retire comfortably—to live confidently, knowing that there […]

The Tax Treatment of Relocation Expenses

Transferring staff?  There are tax implications for them … and for you! If your business has branches in different locations, one of the best ways of offering key staff opportunities for career growth is to allow them to relocate. Relocating an existing staff member who has come to know and understand your systems, procedures, and […]

Compensation for Losses: Which ‘Hole’ is Filled?

Many taxpayers assume that compensation for losses is of a capital nature. It depends… There are no hard and fast rules for determining whether a particular gain is of a capital or a revenue nature. Each case needs to be decided on its own facts. The distinction is important because of the lower effective rate […]

Paying Salaries: What Can Go Wrong?

South African businesses face unique payroll challenges. From strict regulatory requirements to the specific needs of a diverse workforce, managing payroll requires precision, understanding, and the right approach. Here are some critical payroll mistakes businesses often encounter and our expert advice on how to avoid them: Misclassifying employees In South Africa, the distinction between independent […]

The Business of Business Travel

Business travel means different things to SARS than to taxpayers. While it has been compulsory for recipients of travel allowances to substantiate their claims by means of a detailed logbook for some years, it has become ever more critical to understand exactly what SARS understands by the term ‘business travel’. The simple reason for making […]

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